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Shaun Wiggins


Student Housing of America President Shaun Wiggins
Shaun Wiggins is an expert in audience engagement, business leader, entrepreneur and currently CEO of Soteryx Corp., a provider of risk/issues/crisis management, marketing and public relations services. Mr. Wiggins has more than 25 years experience operating across public, private and nonprofit organizations delivering strategies and tactics designed to protect and promote products, services and reputations. Mr. Wiggins has worked as an executive at GE and Royal Dutch Shell and has previously served in highly sensitive roles within the DoD Office of the Inspector General and the Central Intelligence Agency. He serves on boards for the NJIT Martin Tuchman School of Management, Student Housing of America, Krach Institute, a member of the Forbes Business Council, and more. Most notably, Mr. Wiggins is a champion for minority and women owned businesses, advocating for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Retention not only for underrepresented talent but also for the supply chain. Mr. Wiggins is a graduate of Southern University’s School of Engineering.

The SHA is a proud partner of Southern University A&M, providing safe and affordable housing for their students at Cadence SUBR.